The Big Bang Theory

Oh bangs... 

I rocked the fringe for years - it was my signature hair style until 13. Straight across bangs weren't my best look, but as a kid, who wanted no fuss locks, bangs did the trick! 

Don't skip out on this style even after preteen years; fringe on adults is alluring and ultra feminine. With the versatility of bangs from side-swept to sharp, I am tempted yet again to don this hairdo. 

How would I flaunt fringe at 20? 

Fringe looks best when there is some movement to the cut. I would opt for long, layered bangs that work beautifully either wavy or straight.  
Olivia Wilde's smoldering eyes are framed by her fringe.

Blunt bangs are lovely on heart shaped faces.

Silky, straight bangs are sultry on Camilla Belle.

I love Hilary's hairstyle of bold bangs and simple pony.

Katie's bob is complete with a side swept style.

When wearing straight bangs with wavy tresses make sure there isn't too much contrast with texture.
My biggest pet peeve: stick straight bangs with spiral curled hair.
Keira's tousled hair and soft bangs are a hit. 


  1. Ever since my at-home haircut in kindergarten, I am terrified of ever trying bangs again haha! But I love bangs with an angle, like Keira's.

  2. I have these bangs right now and I love them! I've had swooped side bangs since I was fourteen but I'm really embracing having fringe bangs now at twenty.

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  4. I had really blunt, straight across bangs for most of my childhood... not a good look because my hair is so thick! I love longer layered bangs for wavy hair; it is more manageable and flattering.
    MyAngela, I bet fringe bangs are fabulous on you! It's a fresh style for someone our age! Your hair is pretty straight right? I find that fringe bangs work for people with fairly straight hair.


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