To Buy The Hype?

Everything new is old again.

With a blink of an eye, your smartphone is no longer in vogue and that state-of-the-art laptop you invested in, now is replaced with the latest iPad.  

Keeping up with the latest and greatest is unfeasible!  

The flood of new products that will "forever change you life" is perpetual. As much as I enjoy experimenting with an assortment of beauty brands and makeup, it gets to be a surfeit of mediocre stuff. When tempted with a new "must have" cream or "multi-purpose" beauty creation, I wonder Is it worth the hefty price? Am I just paying for the brand name? 

Does the miracle cream or perfect makeup brand exist, or are we just buying the hype? Here are four products that claim to perform magic; these could be my next holy grail beauty staples or just a misuse of money.

Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation has been the talk of the beauty town!
This water based foundation claims to create a natural, flawless face (don't they all).
After I run out of my MUFE foundation, I might crack and give Chanel a chance.

On a photo shoot, a Chanel makeup artist recommend to me - MUFE HD Microfinish PowderI knew this stuff was gold since she worked for Chanel and still used this on all of the models. The artist said this was the best
translucent setting powder and kept skin shine free.

My fellow fashionista, Malorie, told me about this balm! Dior Addict Lip Glow
claims to "
respond to the color chemistry of your lips to create a shade that is uniquely yours."
Is this just a fancy tinted lip shine? At least it has spf 10!
Ahhh the expensive eye cream. Countless creams guarantee to fill fine lines, banish bags, and eliminate dark circles. After watching a video of Bobbi Brown discussing the wonders of her  hydrating eye cream, I thought it was worth researching. Knowing Bobbi Brown to be an extremely credible beauty brand combined with positive reviews on, for $46 dollars could this be your miracle in a jar?  

What have you purchased that was worth the hype? Have you payed a pretty penny for a pointless product? 


  1. I think shampoos that claim to cater to your hair color are a bust! I loved the smell and feel of John Freida's brilliant brunette, but it did nothing for my color.

  2. Yeah I've never tried the hair colored ones but I think investing in super expensive shampoos is a total waste. There are some amazing drugstore finds that work just as well!

  3. I actually just bought the Dior Lip Glow and I really like it! I don't know if the color would look different on other people because I have only seen it on myself! It has a nice color on me though and it has a great texture.

  4. Did you get it from Sephora Mal? Does it seem to change color much once applied or does it just go on as a lip balm?

  5. Also...I haven't tried the vibrating mascaras, but I've heard that they're a waste of batteries. I suppose if I need a little extra movement while I'm applying my makeup I could just a.) move my hand or b.) apply it while driving.

  6. hahaha yeah I would be afraid of poking my eye out! Another trick to get lush lashes is to take a hair dryer and heat up your eyelash curler for 30 seconds. Let it cool off for a bit then curl lashes!


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