Fast Fix

Quick and easy beauty tips to keep your look modern and fresh.

If you have red undertones in your skin apply a green-based primer. The green tone will off set redness, while primer sets your foundation ensuring long lasting results.  

Clean your makeup brushes weekly! Dirt and bacteria accumulate quickly. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is an affordable option that will do the trick.

Want to know the secret to luminous skin? Select a favorite highlight shade (any light color such a champagne, vanilla, light pink, etc) and apply to three key places:  tear duct, brow bone, and top of your check bones. Miraculously your matte makeup transforms into a lively look.

I never leave the house without my oil wipes. It’s a nifty trick for removing built up oil on your face throughout the day. Just a little blotting when necessary will keep your face free of grease.

Remember ladies:  less is more. When playing up your favorite feature keep the rest of your face neutral. An example:  if you are creating a gorgeous smoky eye, a nude or light pink tint on your lips would be perfect. Visa-versa a red lip only requires a sweep of black mascara to look polished. 


  1. I use green concealer under foundation for blemishes; it seems weird putting something green on my face but it works wonders!


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