Transform Your look in Under a Minute

Transform Your look in Under a Minute
Designed by Elise
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Everyone has those few pieces in their wardrobe they can’t live without: perfectly worn in jeans hugging your shape in all the right places, footwear that surprisingly looks as good as it feels and a cozy sweater that beckons you on a brisk day. After reaching for your favorites day after day you can feel stuck in rut.

How do you revamp your most treasured pieces into an entirely new ensemble? The answer is simple - accessories. Elevate your look from boring and basic to stylish and sophisticated, with bags, shoes, jewelry, hats and scarves. Accessories can upgrade an outfit instantly.

A popular go to piece is an oversized sweater. Sometimes these comfortable tops can end up looking sloppy and shapeless. To show off your figure, adding a wide belt not only cinches in your waist (For females, right under the bust is the smallest part of the torso.) but also adds texture and color to an outfit. A leopard belt makes a bold statement while tying all of the neutrals in this outfit together. This handbag’s simple shape and unconventional blush tone hue is a timeless piece that works for day and evening. These accessories are current all year around and instantly jazz up an outfit!


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