My "go to" makeup products: blush/bronzer

For the longest time I was not the biggest fan of blushes and bronzers. The horrifying image of a clown like complexion due to an excessive amount of blush, or a "muddy" colored face from bronzer was something I was not willing to risk. After purchasing NARS highlighting/bronzing blush duo I have fully embraced blush & bronzer and believe they can make a huge difference to enhancing your complexion! This duo features the color Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer. The best part of this award winning duo by NARS? It is virtually flattering on all skin types and gives the perfect amount of flush to your cheeks and bronzed glow to your face.

NARS highlighting/bronzing blush duo appears matte in this photo but both actually have a light shimmer.

PROS : The pigmentation is long lasting and flatters all skin types. You won't need to constantly replace this product because it takes FOREVER to completely use up (I have had mine for five months now and still have plenty to go!). I love that both the blush and bronzer are in one compact making it very convenient to grab and go. 

CONS : The only downfall has nothing to do with the product itself but would be the price point listed at $39. I still fully believe it is worth it if you are looking for a blush/bronzer that is high quality and natural looking. 


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