Oh My OPI!

OPI nail lacquer and I have a long history together. Going back to the days when my lovely mother introduced me to the magical world of nail polish at the early age of 7, OPI has never failed me. Who doesn't love the countless colors and witty names?! There have been too many OPI colors to list over the years that I have absolutely loved, but here are my top 3 OPI polishes for winter. 

Jade is the New Black is apart of the OPI Hong Kong Collection. This is such an unusual color (which I like for that reason) but is also one of the most wearable shades of green polish I have ever tried. 

Suzi Says Da! Is apart of the OPI Russian Collection. I am currently sporting this delicious dark chocolate shade and think it is a great alternative than black nail polish to still achieve an edgy look. 

Ski Teal We Drop is apart of the OPI Swiss Collection. So sleek and modern, this shade of blue looks great on all skin tones. 


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