Style Icon Olivia Palermo

The first time I heard about Olivia Palermo was while watching MTV’s addicting reality show The City. She may be cast as the villain and disliked by most viewers, but one thing that is certain is the girl has an amazing sense of style. There is such elegance with how Ms. Palermo dresses that is so refreshing to see among the younger social scene. By mixing classic and trendy pieces seamlessly together, Olivia always looks is polished.

There is a lot going on with this outfit but Olivia pulls it off flawlessly!  Love that she took the risk of wearing a studded belt and chunky silver necklace! 

Perfect example of how formal wear can still look easy breezy. 

Looking prim and proper? Take a closer peak at the shoes...


As always Olivia sticks with a simple look and spices up her outfit with killer metallic oxford shoes and a bowler bag.

Hermes Birkin bag + white button-down shirt + the most GORGEOUS statement necklace ever =  timeless ensemble. 

Olivia is a big fan of the classics (navy pleated skirt, striped crew neck top, and tan trench) intermixed with standout accessories (elaborate jeweled necklace, black oversized sunnies, and gray hobo bag).

Only a true fashionista would throw in a yellow strappy sandal with an all neutral outfit!

Olivia Palermo's signature style consists of perfectly primped hair, simple makeup, and mixing classic pieces with bold accessories to add an unexpected twist. 


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